The term CASCAGROSSA means:

• Whoever is persistent
• The difficulty does not surrender
• Resistant
• Hard to be overcome
• Steady, solid and safe.

This is the spirit of our company; Founded in 2002 by teachers of jiujitsu focused exclusively to athletes and fans of the sport, always seek innovation, quality and inspiration for all our products.
Manufacturer Kimonos, bands, t-shirts and accessories for the Jiu Jitsu lovers, always seek the highest quality to meet the most demanding market consumers, after all within the company are all practitioners of the sport.

Today we have hundreds of employees, teachers and friends for adaptation and constant improvement of our products, we have as partners the greatest Jiu Jitsu teams in the world.

Official Sponsor of Paulista Jiu Jitsu Federation from 2005 to Cascagrossa aims to disseminate and support the sport, the athletes and their teams and also offer the best cost / benefit of the struggles market.
With great pride, we present some of our products and also the
 1 KIMONO CUSTOM in the world where the customer chooses from thousands of your settings the "Kimono Perfect"

All of our products comply with size and weight imposed by CBJJ and IBJJF.